Saturday, August 25, 2012

With the Summers pt1

We were fortunate enough to have our family come and visit from the United States. It had been six years since they were last here and 3 years since we were last in the States (that's an extra addition to each our families, that were yet to meet since our last reunion!)

Our children were excited to meet, see and hang out with more of their cousins. We were excited for family time, food, sight-seeing and more food (calorie free because it's holidays right?)

In our busy schedule filled with fun holiday activities we managed to fit in a photoshoot down at the beach. I love doing shots at the beach, even though it's not great for my camera gear! I even attempted to add in an element of my love for landscape. Anything goes with photography (almost anything!).

Fingers crossed our next shoot with these guys will take us over to the States - Thats the idea anyway. Maybe we'll get to see more family sooner then we think - One could only hope! 

STAY TUNED for pt2 ... photobooth pics (when my husband puts them together, I'm excited to see the results!!!)

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