Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Whilst we're talking babies!

Found the golden opportunity to add more images without taking away from my daily task's or losing sleep at night to do so ... My children are going to bed and usually we have a little battle to get them to stay in bed. Sometimes it turns into a little game of Hide & Seek (amazing how their hiding spots always improve when they are doing something they shouldn't be!!!)

So I get to sit here playing guard to the door, whilst they fall asleep ... I'm pretty slow thinking of things like this, but glad for once I figured this one out early in the piece, now I have something to do whilst I sit and wait! 

Just quickly while we are in baby mode, Here's a few maternity/newborn images (put your itunes onto a lullaby and preview images, it would be a more peaceful experience):

Well, Toby isn't exactly a baby - but he is little and he's gorgeous, so we just had to throw these images in the mix.

And with all that said and done ... my children are deep into their dreams already :)

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