Friday, August 24, 2012

Happy Birthday!

It's this special Lady's birthday today!

I'm going to get into trouble for this but I'll face the wrath later when I see her .... I have been saving these pics for today to blog, so surprise - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOLI!

We had tried for so long to do family portraits this year, but something always got in our way - either time, weather, other commitments or energy! I finally got my chance to run out with the children. The one thing about taking photographs I have learnt, is that it is not necessarily the location - It was a great day, we needed something close by and so our location ended up being the driveway/path to a block of cheaper units (to put it nicely! Except for the image on the beach) 

Looking at all the photographs, you wouldn't have been able to guess it's location if I hadn't told you!

Unfortunately Toli was absent during these photographs, I had those first few images just 'lying' around, waiting to be used ... So until she lets me do her glamour shots, then this is what I have to work with!

Love Ya Toli!

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