Monday, August 6, 2012

The City

I have a fascination with the city that my husband just does not get .... It's cos I'm a country girl!!!! Their is just so many fascinating buildings, random things and people (they can be just as random sometimes too) to see. I would love to get some more city landscapes and sell them off ... (note to husband: WE NEED A HOLIDAY, New York will do).

Problem with holding off so long to start a blog is that now I have to backtrack old images to upload ... Don't worry though, they are all within the last year! 

Here's some of my favourite city shots (or taken in the city) so far:

 Melbourne City 
(alongside the convention centre)

 Melbourne City
(This shot is going on my wall)

 Water Fountain - Hyde Park Sydney

 Scared yet Mezmerized by the sights and sounds

After a long day - on the train, peak hour!

 Protected by Dad 

Avoiding the surroundings 

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