Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Reese, A little gift from above

It's hard to believe that this little package in the next year will be talking, eating, laughing, crawling, possibly walking and developing her own little personality traits. 

But for just one moment she will be new and this little ... and we will be forgetting what its like for them to be so small.

Reese was my first trial for a newborn photoshoot - her mother (my sister) went to lay down for a nap and I saw a golden opportunity to photograph my niece! So we had to be quick!!! In the end she loved what I produced and this is my first go at it ... so theoretically I only get better from here on out - right!???

Here's the result:

 Obviously mum & dad were there and awake for this one - as they got their new little addition to the family dressed!!!


  1. I really love that last one Natalie :) Too cute

    1. Thanks I did too - my sister prefers without the dummy, but the dummy is so cute!