Friday, August 17, 2012

The Tuckers

Within days of starting my new business, I had been contacted by Tammie to do some family photo's. The best part about this was that it was going to be done on uni campus just after she graduates - so this was going to be graduation pics and family photo's in one! 

I am a believer of work and education. I wish I knew after high school where I was going to end up and what I wanted to do. The problem is, I spent years 10, 11 & 12 trying to figure out what I really wanted to do, and it took me many years past that to really figure it out. In the meantime, I had tried different avenues!

I was scared of starting uni after school, I wasn't set on the avenue I wanted to take and I was secretly dealing with some sort of panic thing I had going on. Unless you have suffered from any kind of panic disorders you don't really quite understand what one person is going through. And even then I still don't understand what someone goes through ... all I knew was, I couldn't go places by myself, if I didn't know the place or it was new or strange I would start to slightly panic (on the inside). 

Finally as a mature age student, I decided to head back to uni! I remember walking back into uni to do a re-entry course, not knowing where I was going or what I was doing - I panicked!!! All these confident students around me, I walked into the wrong classroom - I couldn't find my classroom! I felt too old, I was unsure if I would be able to study again, I just didn't know what I was doing, I was lost and confused! 

Whilst I haven't finished my degree (yet) as we had children, I became a stay at home mum and a photographer! I look back on the years passed and think many things; I wish I knew this during school, I wish I persevered (because in the time that has lapsed that I keep putting it off, I could've finished), I wish I was courageous enough, I wish I listened to myself, I wish I picked different subjects originally, I wish I started a different degree, I wish I was more studious. 

I was in awe at Tammie, this was it, this was her day. All the time studying, being a mum, working and everything else life throws at you - she had made it to graduation! This was the day I should've made it too a long time ago and I was glad that Tammie was my example that day to persevere! I didn't have to finish uni after high school. Mature age students can do it too! Thats what was so special about these photographs ... It was a family photoshoot to be celebrated!

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