Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Renee & Andrew - combining two families

I was re-united with Renee, after years of not having contact with her. Seeing her children all grown up, in a new relationship, happy and loving life! It was an honour to be the photographer at her wedding and watch her take that next step in her life.

If you spent a day with Renee & Andrew you would see how much they and their children compliment each other. I'm sure bringing any two families together would have it's problems to start with, they have somehow managed to blend both his and her children to make one big family. It can't be easy but it has to take a certain type of person to achieve this with teenagers. This may have been a wedding of two people, but it was more like a party combining two families!

The day was perfect, in the middle of an Australian summer they got lucky not to have the scorching sun beating down on them. Instead they managed to pick a day that had a combination of sun and cloud, and for photo's on the beach you couldn't have asked for better weather!

(If you are wondering about the watermarking, there are a couple of things I am not a huge fan - 1. splashing your name across the photograph unless in an advertisement or 2. stealing people's photographs that have been paid for. Whilst I try to keep watermarking in the corner, occasionally I will during a preview heavily watermark the image to prevent family, friends and strangers of the client obtaining, displaying and printing images that belong copyright to the photographer and printing rights to the client, especially before the client receives the copy of their images. What you are viewing are the client's preview images).

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