Wednesday, August 8, 2012

High Tea anyone!?

I received a random phone call to ask if I would be able to photograph a 'high tea' .... umm sure, I don't have a specific genre yet remember when it comes to photography, so I was willing to give it a shot (Get it!? lol).

 I never had photographed food or  an event before like this (other then for personal use). I wasn't sure how it would go, but ... I LIKED IT!!! I knew the venue well, being situated at church for a group of deserving women. So initially I was a little concerned about sufficient lighting and the overall look. 

Sarah Osmotherly is no stranger to creating events and assured me she was completely transforming the location. And that she did! Along with quite a number of helping hands from the Relief Society in Charlestown - they created a high tea like nothing I had been to before. 

What I discovered on this shoot, was that the thing with photographing food is; it doesn't blink, it doesn't move, you missed the shot so you retake it and voila', you got it!

wait ..... their is one problem, do not photograph food when you are hungry :(

Photography is an art no matter how you do it, and if I'm looking at the photo and I want to eat that, then I think I have succeeded (like the peppermint slice you are about to experience).

Great job Sarah for a huge effort and to all those Relief Society sisters who baked or assisted her on a successful event!

Here's to changing it up and my first photo 'event'! (and this is only a portion of the event)


  1. Incredible, what a beautifully photographed event with gorgeous food and pastel colours, so pretty.