Saturday, April 13, 2013

For the Convenience!

My husband bought himself a laptop a little while back. As I started to get a feel for it, I was finding myself LOVING it. It's so convenient and small ... So when he got a work laptop (from the Dinosaur era), I convinced him that he no longer needed the personal laptop. His loss, My Gain!!!

Initially my intention was just to do quick jobs here and their, but it soon turned out to be my primary source for photo's. The downfall is, I had forgotten about my old (still fantastic) computer and therefore forgot about some of my older photo's. 

It's no secret photography is my passion, so when I entered a competition awhile ago and not just one, but two photograph's were featured in the newspaper I was beyond excited! (Not just small print like many of the other photographs, but Half page spread and the other covering a quarter page).

These pics I re-found need to be dusted off a little!