Monday, August 20, 2012

Relax & Have Fun!!!

What I love when photographing people is when the family is not afraid to give anything a go during a photo-shoot! 

A photographer has to take care of many aspects during a session ... it's not as easy as point and shoot and I have learnt that the hard way! Making a person relax in itself can be a mission, so it helps when you have a family like the Whitings who could relax and have fun during a photo session and were willing to give anything a go.

I wasn't sure what kind of response I would get when I asked them if they wanted to get in the water getting their clothes wet! They were willing and inside I was excited. 

The result: a lot of laughter!

I enjoy looking at photo's (and I'm not talking about my own photo's here), that are natural and fun - that show emotion in the photograph ... Photographers are understanding at how uncomfortable you may feel, or how unnatural you feel during a session and I love trying to break that down. Nothing brings me more joy then when I show my client's their photo's and they smile or laugh.

When I look at these photo's it makes me smile every time, because they tell me a story of that day, and that family!!! If you are on a photo session with me, then I hope we can make you feel comfortable enough to relax and have fun and create a memory that makes you smile as well!

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