Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wedding Collections

Their's something special about weddings that I enjoy - maybe it's all the love and happy feelings, the uniting of two people, or families coming together. Who knows, but I love weddings!!! 

I am big on photo's at weddings, some people concern themselves when booking a wedding photographer whether they should be or not, or feel they will never look at them again. I guess what you do with them after is up to you! I have mine enlarged and my photo album on my coffee table. I may not look at them regularly, but it's there and I love them and all the memories associated with them!!!!

My favourite parts of photographing a wedding are all the smaller details; that gentle touch, people not realising you are paying attention. Whilst everyone's eyes are turned to the bride as she walks down the aisle, I love turning back to see the face of the groom. Their's something special in that moment, and it usually says it all on the groom's face as he watches his bride!

It's pretty amazing how people vary in wedding traditions around the world. I would love to be able to experience these different cultures. I guess what I am saying is .... I AM AVAILABLE! I couldn't think of anything more amazing then to be a part of and see the combination of weddings and culture from around the world and be able to photograph that. (I can send qoutes via email)

I've held off some of these images, and I feel now is the right time to share them with you. It's only a small sample for the time being. For now, we have weddings I've worked on, been a part of as a guest, or learnt from the amazing Shelton Muller & Glynn Lavender who's work I admire and look up too! I will be blogging my individual jobs in due time, so stay tuned! 

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