Monday, September 3, 2012

Love Is Patient

Amanda and Vai. A small intimate wedding of very close family and friends - Everything one girl had dreamt of, came together on one special night.

I had met Amanda a number of years ago through my sister in law, she had been one of those girls that was always there first to help if you needed it. Countless times, you would see her as an extra set of hands to her friends with young families, gaining the love and adoration of these children - just as if she was a second mum to them. 

Amanda deserved to find a good guy in her life, she had been patient in waiting. Unexpectedly her patience paid off when she found Vai. Having met through a mutual friend, this new blossoming romance had everyone around them buzzing in excitement. 

I didn't realise all this time later I'd be working, photographing such a memorable day of hers, with the man of her dreams! It was an honour to see how happy these two were as they celebrated their union together, not only here in life but for eternity!


(A few more images found via my facebook: Natalie Latu Photography)

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