Tuesday, May 17, 2016

No time to waste ... only time to spare!

When your family turn up to a photoshoot and every single one of them are practically models kinda puts the pressure on, and when I say models I mean like paid, gigs, photo-shoots!

So I was a tad nervous initially before starting out, but we were on limited time to pull off a natural pic before this family would be separated by two countries, completely on other sides of the world ... so no second chances here if we got it wrong, at least not for a loooong time!

2 hours, 2 locations, no time to waste and ending up with time to spare we were able to capture lasting memories. Mum even got to hug her teenager without complaints - moments that can never be replaced, yet frozen for a moment in time purely because of a camera (and that awesome photographer behind it haha)


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