Friday, November 25, 2016

Just in time!

I've known the next family my entire life, the husband and I grew up in the country and I love telling his kids how much we used to argue and fight all the time haha. Then their is the wife, the mum, the glue, the woman who holds this family altogether. I met her when I was about 13 (I think) ... I remember sleepovers, trips to the city to get my nails painted black when I asked for any colour BUT black and many laughs.

I love that I knew these guys before children and I love knowing them after children. So it's one of the few times, when I'm working a photoshoot when things happen that we can just laugh about it and it does not have to get all awkward, like the moment my stash of tampons fell out of my camera bag (realities of being a female), or the dad stressing about his kids falling of a cliff when they aren't on the edge and mum has their shirt lol or his shoes (his shoes are seriously not a joking matter lol) or no one EVER looking at the same time!

Despite the little mishaps, what I do know is that these things do not matter. A moment in time was captured, more memories were created, more laughs were had. This couple were childhood sweethearts, and are still sweethearts. Together they have come so far, grown so much, continued to uphold and support each other, created homes, children and all the memories that are associated with family and no doubt have made their own extended families proud with their achievements.

It was a pleasure to be a part of this moment. Even though the weather that day was messing with my head and the clouds parted causing harsh light, we still managed to luckily squeeze this photoshoot in down the road ... just 1day before I was hospitalised and 2days before I gave birth. Now that my friends, is good timing! 

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