Sunday, May 4, 2014

A different Angle

Never in my wildest dreams am I usually one to say ... yeah sure I'll stand there, take pictures of me - Please do!!!

Behind the camera I don't exist and I feel comfortable, today I was in front and I felt uncomfortable - But all the advice I give my clients I was using on myself, with my nervous and slightly flustered other half behind the camera today and in full control. 

We got through a shoot (without an argument). Checking the back of the camera occasionally, James was patient and I was patient.

This was a new angle for both of us and a new lesson for both us. I realised how hard it may actually be for some of my clients to relax, he realised how hard it is to be behind the camera AND I was more then stoked and somewhat humbled when he actually stopped and asked me for help!!!

Team work at its best!
(P.s please remind me on a windy day to have a brush in close proximity)

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