Wednesday, August 28, 2013

James' Debut image!

It was the first image loaded with the last blog, and somehow didn't load.

The husband is my official partner now in photography (when and where possible). We had not worked together with this kind of thing "officially" and other situations on purpose because we thought we were a bad team when it comes to those kinds of things (you know, don't mix business and pleasure!)He has assisted me on jobs before and he definitely is my preference though.

WELL ... earlier this year we started renovating our home, expecting it to be an all out war between us, we were surprised not just how well we work together but AMAZINGLY how well we work together ... Not just in partnership but in the business matters as well.

The last wedding was amazing working with him ... The best part was he knew what I was thinking half the time, I barely had to say a word (which may surprise some of you). He even read my mind as to what lens and when - I think my eyes popped open in surprise a few times when I turned around, to see him out of no where standing there with the exact lens I needed.

We went through his shots and he was uncertain as to whether or not any would be usable. I didn't doubt there would be shots we could use, and "We Got One" (I can hear Ghostbusters in my head at the moment for some reason). 

He spotted this spot, whilst I was chasing the sun that was disappearing and went to set up the next spot, I left him and I'm very proud to say - he shot this:

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